The terror of Taliban expanding (End of humanity)


 Afghanistan the land of mountains and deserts in central and south Asia is now in the hands of the Taliban and its allied group which have started conquering and attacking Afghanistan since 1st of May 2021 where the world was recovering and fighting the pandemic the inactive group of Taliban came in allied with many others terror groups.

President Ashraf Ghani posted on Facebook that he had fled in an attempt to avoid a bloody battle and that “the Taliban have won with the judgment of their swords and guns”.

On the day 15th of august where India became independent 74 years ago on the same date now, Afghanistan lost it and finally caused the fall of Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan.

 After the fled of President Ghai to an unknown location the people of Afghan caught a fear of terror and insecurities of livelihood, also immigrants of every other country pleased their embassy for a return to their native countries as all the borders were blocked the only way was flying from the airport which created a lot of chaos all over the country.

Whereas the US president Joe Biden stated the continuing presence of American troops in Afghanistan “would not have made a difference” if the Afghan military was unable to maintain control of the country adding “unfolded more quickly than we anticipated”.

India has also taken a step to evacuate its ambassador and diplomatic staff in its Embassy in Kabul. A midnight evacuation of 150 Indians escorted by the Taliban happened. The government is also making arrangements for bringing back all its nationals. 

While the UK Prime Minister Boston Johnson would continue to for the helping hand as since the begins and still after their fall will not let humanity suffer to the breeding ground for terrorism.

 would be recalling parliamentary debate for the same.

Every country across has expressed its concern for Afghanistan and harmony and peace.


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