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Team Event & Teambuilding Idea Hamburg For 2022

Golf Trophy 

Strong organisations rely on strong teams to thrive. A golf outing is an excellent way to build groups. Sports, by virtue of their nature as ‘play’ rather than a regular day of ‘work,’ can help to free creativity. Not to mention the chance to get together, create teams, and play a game that so many of us like.



Team building XXL to S – for big and small groups, with a spectacular fairway on Hamburg’s Elbe and on the Golf Lounge’s 9-hole course: we develop and organize the ideal programmed to meet your goals, clients, and colleagues. Your visitors will be catered to by the Golf Lounge Pros, who will lead them on unique golf excursions of discovery.
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Golf, in particular, is a sport that takes a diverse range of talents to push a ball from the tee to the hole, 9 to 18 holes at a time. While professional golfers have all of the requisite talents, most amateur golfers do not. That lack of universal expertise might be a benefit, rather than a drawback, as a team building tool. Each team member brings their unique set of abilities and shortcomings to the table. The major objective should be to realize that the effort of a team may be more powerful than that of any one individual.


We deliver you with fantastic event location in Hamburg, whether it’s a beach golf trophy, a cross-country golf tournament, or an island rally. Your outdoor event will become a well-rounded team challenge with a professional setup and an experienced staff. Mobile golf components such as the mobile driving range or water tees provide a “drive” to your event. Take us on!

Experience one of the most amazing harbor excursions with your clients and coworkers, complete with a healthy dose of adrenaline: the Hamburg harbor transforms into your golf course!

The memorable golf retreat allows participants to relax, play golf, and savor every exquisite moment. While keeping healthy, developing your game, and enjoying a vacation from your demanding schedule, you may make outstanding golf the focal point of your trip. Choosing a destination or a course and embarking on a terrific golf trip is a simple process. We can help you. Golf Lounge works with people who want to develop their game, play better golf, and visit the top golf courses in the world.

The “Harbor Golf Trophy” is the Golf Lounge Hamburg’s signature event. The port and canals become tees, obstacles, and target flags, and the entire city of Hamburg becomes your team’s fairway. Tees from the barge into the Elbe, “chips” in front of Blohm & Voss, and the last “putt” to complete the “hole in one.”

The breathtaking images provide variation and excitement. A continual positive environment is ensured via theme-related meals, music, and a lounge atmosphere. And there’s always time for casual discussions in between. The final is followed by an award ceremony on the Elbe or in the Golf Lounge at “Hole 19.”

As a fantastic team event in Hamburg, the Minigolf Trophy is suitable for small group team development. However, even if you have a large party, we can organize outdoor events in Hamburg with our mini golf challenges in small groups. After the huge award presentation, finish the day sociably with chilled beverages and BBQ straight on site at the rustic alpine hut’s outside bar. Have a good time!

The Golf Lounge Pros accompany you throughout the day, entertain your guests and cater to dormant and existing golf talents in a professional and playful manner. We will discuss with you in advance how much golf know-how you have and coordinate the event design accordingly. At the end of the day, every guest has achieved their personal goal with fun and in a team or team-building measures.

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