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Quest Diagnostics EHR Software – Top Features, Pricing, Reviews, and More!

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Quest Diagnostics EHR

Because Quest Diagnostics EHR was renamed Quanum EHR, Care360 is now recognized as Quanum EHR. Quest Diagnostics offers a cloud-based EHR that is fully mobile, allowing physicians and clients to access it from anywhere. Quest Diagnostics’ unique electronic health record includes ePrescribing, communication and task management, digital lab ordering and reporting, and customizable client visit recording, among other aspects that your practice should seek in an EHR.

Furthermore, Quest Diagnostics EHR is an ONC-ATCB certified system that meets the standards of the CMS Incentive Program for the deployment of an EHR, which might enable you to qualify for EHR incentive funds from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The product also has excellent monitoring and record-keeping features to assist you in reporting the paperwork required by CMS incentive programs.

You can use Quest Diagnostics EHR to send clients email notifications so they don’t miss lab tests, as well as set up auto team notifications to assist pinpoint individuals who need to be followed upon. Medical practitioners can safely submit a client’s medical information and test results to a personalized health record (PHR. This allows other authorized physicians to view the client’s entire medical record, enhancing overall teamwork and consistency of treatment. EHR systems also make it easy to save and print client educational content, so office staff won’t have to stress about running out of files or having trouble finding the right ones for their clients.

Top Features of Quest Diagnostics EHR 

Messaging and Tasking

The communication and task management capabilities of Quest Diagnostics EHR are the first things that most businesses get thrilled about. Whether you’re utilizing the whole EHR or only eLabs, this feature is available to everyone. It provides a safe, HIPAA-compliant means to transmit email-like messages to workers and physicians in your clinic or even when you are not in the clinic. If the communication is concerning a client, the chart can be connected to it, making it easier for the receiver to review and react to the data. The option to communicate tasks to people in your workplace is similar to the messaging tool. For instance, the physician could assign a job to the receptionist to book a client consultation in two weeks. You could use tracking to observe when a job is finished.


One of the most prominent capabilities for doctors is ePrescribing, particularly for those attempting to satisfy CMS Meaningful Use (MU) EHR criteria. On the Quanum EHR system, ePrescribing enables you to obtain prescriptions, examine medication history, and execute refill approvals quickly and efficiently. Clinicians can use ePrescribing on their own to assist them in qualifying for the ePrescribing rewards and prevent fines.

Patient Encounter Documentation

Quest Diagnostics EHR allows you to record a client visit in a variety of methods, and everyone in your clinic could add to a single visit, making it simple to organize treatment. The vital signs of a client might be taken by your physician assistant. The doctor can then use a customizable SOAP note form to examine and evaluate the client. The blood tests taken might be added by a phlebotomist. The charges can then be passed on to the biller. Checkboxes, free-form text boxes, and even dictation platforms like Dragon Naturally Speaking can be used to record visits.

Electronic Lab Result Delivery

On your smartphone or tablet, you could arrange lab testing and get digital lab findings. Digital lab results take less time to arrive and enable you to respond to information faster. Outcomes may be charted over time to help you discover patterns and demonstrate to clients the benefits of sticking to your treatment plan.

Quest Diagnostics EHR Reviews

If you look at Quest Diagnostics EHR reviews, you’ll see a lot of positive feedback and a few negative remarks. The overall average rating of this top EHR software is 3.5 out of 5 stars. As for the Quest Diagnostic EHR cost, it has not been provided by the vendor. If you want to schedule a Quanum EHR demo, you can get in touch with the vendor!

Benefits of Quest Diagnostics Lab

Expanded Scope of Healthcare

Quest Diagnostics also works with business and government clients that rely on their high-quality services and products. Quest Diagnostics offers over 2500 tests, allowing commercial laboratories to extend the number of tests they give to patients. These comprehensive tests are also available to many governments and non-profit organizations. Quest Diagnostics’ comprehensive testing, followed by result examination, makes them essential to life insurance firms in assessing possible risks. Building on Quest Diagnostics’ tradition of expanding healthcare relationships, the firm now collaborates closely with other pharmaceutical companies to perform clinical studies and a variety of other procedures in order to give safe medicinal treatments to a wide spectrum of individuals.

Extending Services to Hospitals

Quest Diagnostics provides a variety of services to top doctors at a number of hospitals. Primary Insights, a Quest Diagnostics service for busy individuals in the healthcare business who are engaged in their job and short on time, enables such physicians to remain up to speed on the newest medical news. This resource contains papers and other important material for each healthcare professional, allowing them to remain up to date on all the newest research in their field of interest.

Simplified Tests, Accurate Results

When compared to other laboratories, Quest Diagnostics is a top lab because of its great simplicity in arranging appointments. People may schedule their exams on the internet at a time and location that is suitable for them. The test results may be seen digitally through the MyQuest account and reviewed with a specialist of the user’s choice or a PWN physician through the site, depending on the user’s preferences.

Final Words!

Quest Diagnostics EHR Software is a great medical software solution. If you are interested in knowing more about the software, you can schedule a Quest Diagnostic EHR demo. This will help you know Quest Diagnostic EMR features. You can also read Quest Diagnostics Reviews to know what the customers think about the software.

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