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How to Hang a Tapestry on Your Wall in 10 Simple Steps

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People frequently tend to miss out on the ornamental possibilities of a bare wall. Sure, you can hang oils, family pictures and produce a gallery wall, but what if we tell you that you can take it a notch further? Tapestries are one of the easiest yet innovative ways to embellish a bare wall in a fashion that incontinently apprehensions attention. While we aren’t suggesting that you turn your living room or your bedroom into a gallery of tapestries, cloth trades, quaint fabrics, and indeed various fabrics are perfect for hanging over the lounge or behind the bed.

Nails or Pushpins

Presumably, the easiest way of hanging a wall shade is by using nails or pushpins. Still, this is only applicable for larger tapestries as it may beget holes in lower bones. You can either hang it in a tense way by hanging the shade by the corners; this will give you a casual drape. Adhesive Hooks

Wondering how to hang a shade in a way that leaves no mark on the walls? Tenacious hooks are a palm-palm result as they can’t only be taken out without leaving a hole in the wall but also beget no damage to the tapestry. However, this is the ideal way to hang a wall shade; it’s easy to mount as well as take down whenever the need arises If you live in a rental home or find yourself moving houses constantly. Try tying circles of rope or string to the top corners of the shade and hang them on the wall hooks.

Rod in Casing

Delicate tapestries with intricate embroidery might frequently come with a covering for a rod, specifically meant for hanging. You can make one! Just suture a heavy-weight fabric across its reverse according to the range of the rod and along the top of the fabric strip as well as the bottom to leave space for the rod. However, a needlewoman would be suitable to help you, If you’re cautious of it not being a straight sew. This is an elegant way to hang a shade or indeed colorful types of hairpieces.

Frame it

Simply stretch it out on a rustic frame or a plywood board using a chief gun. Still, if the shade is thin, you’ll also need to stretch and prime oil to the frame so that the wood doesn’t come visible through the translucent fabric. So if you’re wondering about how to hang a shade in a way that it doubles up a piece of art, this is the way to go.

Velcro Strips

  • Measure the shade or the hairpiece and the wall, and make the markings as per where you want to place it.
  • Next, attach the Velcro strips to the shade and the wall. Remember that it needs time to set before you can hang the shade.
  • Depending on how you want the shade to look on the wall, you can either put the Velcro on all four corners to make it tight and straight or just on the top for a further flowy look. Still, if your shade is large and heavy, it’s stylish that you add a strip at the bottom for redundant support.

From The Ceiling

  • Attach tenacious hooks to the ceiling, tuck the ends of the shade, and suspend its corners from either curtain rings or grommets.
  • Remember that graveness is at play then, so you might want to get in with some redundant nails for more support.
  • This system of hanging a wall shade is also perfect for blocking out harsh light by draping the shade and creating a bagged effect.

Foam Core

A system veritably analogous to that of stretching the shade on a rustic frame or a plywood board, this one needs a froth board rather than any wood and requires some quantum of DIY chops. Cohere two wastes of froth boards together in advance. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need enough fabric to cover the edges of the thick froth board. Next, cover the froth board with a linen fabric that’s heavy and staple it tightly onto the reverse of the board. Also, suture the shade onto the fabric using a twisted needle.

Frames – How to hang a shade

That’s veritably fragile. Simply put it behind glass and frame it. Choose a frame that’s coherent with the look of the shade and you’ll have a shade that serves the binary purpose of an oil and a shade.

Rope or Cable

Still, this is one of the easiest shade hanging ideas you’ll find, If you’re tricky and don’t mind spending some time DIYing your room. You have two options: string a rope through the top of the shade which has a small fund for a rope to pass using a needle and thread and hang it from nails or hooks. Or, use a string system if you want to just crop it, hang it, and forget it. This is great for some added sequestration.

Make a Cover

There’s no reason why you should limit yourself to just walls when wondering how to hang a shade when you can get creative and extemporize. Hang the shade from the ceiling and onto the wall to produce a cozy, comforting, boho-sharp space out of your bed, a sitting, or a reading area. Attaching a small hook or a piece of rope to the middle of the shade will help you achieve that cover-suchlike look. Now that’s one cool way to hang a wall shade!

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