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How to Find Nether Fortress

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how to find nether fortress

how to find nether fortress: Nether Fortress is a vast tower which is found in the Nether Realm. Its structure is just like a bridge and it is ideal for several resources in the game. With the help of Nether Fortress, the players can make beacons.

How to find a nether fortress is a critical step if you decide to play Minecraft. Therefore, beginners may face many difficulties while playing, but not to worry. This article is providing you a step-by-step guide so that you can easily play this game without any trouble. The following instructions will make this easier.

How to Find Nether Fortress 7

Best 5 ways to find a Nether Fortress

1.     Towards positive X-axis

Nether Fortresses provide great opportunities for producing in the positive quadrant of Minecraft. Players can get good opportunities tofindNether Fortressesby proceeding with the help of positive X-axis (North), or positive X-axis (East).

As a result, you should check nearby surroundings properly while traveling because nether Fortresses do not produce straight lines every time.

2.     Go along the Direction

Those players who have already gained knowledge on how to find Nether Fortress this process is, especially for them. In this method, players may go looking for a fortress in the direction of its bridge.

Nether Fortress usually produces in that particular direction. You will have to maintain the render distance high to find it rapidly. While facing the front you may press F3 at the end of the bridge to check its direction.

3.     Bridging Over Lava Oceans

While traveling, you may discover Nether Fortress bridges poking out over the lava ocean. If the players adopt bridging over the lava oceans, it will be helpful for them to find Nether Fortresses. You need to use cobblestone with higher blast resistance while making a Nether Bridge to ensure safety from ghosts. However, you should avoid using netherrack blocks for bridging.

4.     Discover Nearby Areas

There is no spawn limit in the Nether Fortresses. You may spawn using any biome. Players are free to try discovering 100-200 blocks in every direction. Although the fortress is close to spawning, it may be hidden behind netherrack blocks. Never try to search a Nether Fortress near a bastion as Nether Fortresses don’t spawn there.

5.     Increase the Render Distance

How to find a Nether Fortress will become easier for new users if they increase the render distance. Players will find it difficult to see structures generated in the distance at the low render distances. If the players set their render distances to 32, they will be able to see the fortress easily which is 32 chunks away. Due to the lower render distance, the players are unable to see the fortress sometimes even though it is close to spawning.

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