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How To Effectively Generate Realtor Listing Leads Using Social Media

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Are you a realtor and wondering how social media can help you generate real estate listing leads? Below are steps you can take to get real and quality listing leads using different social media platforms? 

Create your Social Media Profiles

The first thing that you need to do is create profiles on the different major social media platforms. Make sure to sign up for a business account rather than a personal account so that you can focus on growing and developing your professional brand. On your profile, include your business name, contact information, links to your website and blog, and other means for people to get to know you, contact you, and do business with you.

Share Quality Content

Any picture, video, or blog post that you share on your social media account has to be high-quality to catch people’s attention and show your professionalism and credibility as a realtor. If you have a residential home listing to share, for instance, make sure that you upload professionally-shot pictures and 3D or virtual tours of the property’s interior and exterior. When writing a blog post, provide in-depth information about the topic to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the real estate field.

Include Links

On your social media profiles and posts, you should always include direct links to the listings and other services that you are promoting. In this fast-paced day and age, a lot of people have short attention spans and not providing links can result in little follow-through. Thus, when posting pictures, videos, or blog posts, do not forget to put the links in the post where they can easily find and click them.

Learn SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is also key to generating quality listing leads for realtors. It offers a variety of techniques and strategies that can create a huge and powerful impact when executed correctly. One example of an SEO technique for social media is the hashtag. When making a social media post, think of keywords or key phrases that can help people more easily find your post if they happen to look up these hashtags.

Update Regularly

The time and the frequency of your posting are crucial to how successfully you can generate listing leads using social media. Making posts on a daily basis when your target audience is the most active on social media is highly recommended so that you show up on your followers’ feeds when they log on. However, be sure not to overdo it. A couple posts with photos and videos and/or a weekly blog post is a good amount that your followers should not think of as too much.

Engage with your Followers

Take time to read the comments on your posts. There might be a potential property seller or buyer inquiring about your services, and ignoring them or taking too long to reply to their queries might make them move on and find another realtor. To get quality listing leads for realtors through social media you have to make an effort to engage with your followers by liking their comments, thanking them, and answering their questions.

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