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According To Vastu Shastra, These Plants Bring Bad Luck To Your Life If Kept At Home

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Plants and Trees Vastu A plant creates a pleasant environment and a calming view, which is why they hold a unique place in Vastu shastra. Many shastras emphasize the significance of plants and trees in our lives. A healthy plant affects us not just physiologically but also emotionally. One should order plants online and exercise caution when building a landscape. Vastu has some suggestions you can follow in your life to make it easier and more lucrative.

Thorny plants and milking should be avoided because they are inauspicious, according to Vastu Shastra. Because of their connections with science and mythology, several plants and trees are restricted in living areas. Plants have a direct relationship with human life since whatever gases plants generate are breathed by humans. Some plants and trees create negative vibrations and hazardous substances, polluting our atmosphere and making it unhealthy.

Here is a list of plants that you should avoid keeping at home because they bring bad luck into your life and home.

Ficus Tree
Its waxy leaves attract a lot of dust and must be washed down on a regular basis, so if you don’t want to add anything further to your to-do list, you might want to look for another way to brighten up your area instead.

According to Vastu experts, cacti, while beautiful, can carry negative energy into the dwelling. It is thought that the prickly and sharp thorns on the leaves contain negative energy. Cacti can bring misfortune into the home as well as induce worry and anxiety in the family. However, this does not preclude you from having a cactus plant at home. They can genuinely aid you if they are positioned in the appropriate area. However, it only battles the negative energy that tries to enter your home is placed on your terrace or near a window. As a result, it effectively serves as a defender for your home. Order indoor plants online and save your beautiful home from all evils.

Peepal Tree
We’ve seen peepal trees at temples, and people believe that growing one at home will help us spread optimism. However, according to Vastu, a peepal tree should never be planted in the house. If you have a peepal tree in your home, move it to a sacred spot or plant it in a temple. This is thought to have the potential to damage your money.

The Tamarind Tree
The flavour of tamarind is sour, just like the taste of tamarind. Similarly, the happiness in the house where the tree is placed turns sour. According to Vastu science, a tamarind tree planted in the house hinders the house from progressing. It also has an impact on the health of the family.

Bonsai Plant
While bonsai plants are visually appealing, they are not exceptionally fortunate to have at home. Vastu does not endorse these Bonsai plants. Even if they appear to be quite attractive, having them in the house is not lucky. Because the growth of bonsai plants is inhibited, it interferes with the lifecycle of the residents. You may also endure stifled growth in your career or business.

Bamboo Tree
Bamboos are more than just beautiful and exotic plants. Many homeowners plant bamboo in order to construct a fast-growing privacy screen around their property. However, according to Vastu, it is not advisable to grow bamboo trees at home. Planting this plant at home causes problems. The bamboo tree is utilized as a symbol of obsolescence in Hinduism at the moment of death.

Having palm trees in your home can quickly transport you to the tropics. Unfortunately, all of your positive thoughts will be dashed the moment you discover your plant has an unwelcome supply of spider mites. The costly plant is infamous for attracting pests, which may be difficult to eradicate as they slowly nibble away at the leaves.

Cotton Plant
Cotton plants, especially silky cotton plants, are not recommended for indoor use. According to Vastu, these dazzling white plants seem lovely when utilized as a decorative element, but they are not the best choice. When these plants are kept indoors, they are considered inauspicious and bring bad luck.

Dried Or Dead Plants
This is a very important point to keep in mind. You should always avoid keeping any dead tree or plant in your home because it attracts negative energy. Even dried flowers are thought to bring ill luck.

Don’t bring the plants listed above to your house, as these plants attract bad luck.

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